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League of Women Voters of Lower Merion & Narberth

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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government. Membership is open to anyone 16 and older, and includes membership in the Leagues of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and the United States.


VOTING MAY BE OVER but the Electoral College still needs to vote, and the vote count finalized and certified.

December 14, 2020 - The Electoral College votes
January 6, 2021, 1 PM - The final vote count is certified
PA Legislative efforts to end gerrymandering come to a halt with the General Assembly on summer break, but....
Philadelphia Inquirer, July 9:  
"The stakes are significant: Independent research shows gerrymandering protects incumbents and strips communities of political power by heavily concentrating one party’s voters into a single district or spreading them out unnaturally."
        League of Women Voters member and co-founder of Fair Districts PA, Carol Kuniholm said that now with legislators on summer break, the bills that were under consideration as constitutional amendments are dead.  But the effort to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania continues. 
See the Calendar Page for a Town Hall Meeting discussing the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA) which is designed to ensure transparency in the redistricting process and to provide significant opportunities for public participation.  
See the Hot Topics Page for more current issues
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