Election Laws

Election Laws

Empower Democracy and guard a citizen's right to vote.
Position In Brief: 

The League supports effective election laws that guarantee a citizen’s right to vote, ensure that elections are accessible, transparent, fair, and secure, promoted universal voter participation, and provide voters with meaningful choices when they go to the polls.

LWVPA and our local League supported bills which are now law, including registration by mail and the use of electronic voting devices, and laws to make it easier for the disabled and the elderly to vote.

Some of the legislation and initiatives supported included:

  • Voter Registration laws designed to remove obstacles to registration and voting. The legislation included supplying registration forms to citizens applying for or changing his or her address on drivers’ licenses (“motor voter”), providing the forms to graduating high school seniors, providing forms at state agencies, lengthening or eliminating the purge period for voter lists, and permitting election-day registration. A state motor voter bill was finally passed in 1995. 
  • Redistricting laws and commissions that reflects the diversity of the unit of government, including citizens at large, representatives of public interest groups, and members of minority groups.
  • Work to ensure compliance with laws like the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which have helped millions of Americans access their right to vote. 
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