Citizen’s Right to Vote

Citizen’s Right to Vote

Protect the right of all citizens to vote; encourage all citizens to vote.


Visit VA’s Registration Website for more information

March 17 2020 Letter to Governor Lamont regarding Absentee Ballots as response to COVID19
In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic disrupting primary elections, the League of Women Voters of the Connecticut sent 

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Observer Report

Agency: Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA)  

Date &Time: 03/18/2020 1:30 pm

Event Date: 
Mar 24 2020 - 6:30pm to 7:15pm
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Online with Zoom

Observer Corps Training: How to Observe Public Online Meetings

Centennial March Flyer
Event Date: 
Mar 14 2020 - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Event location: 

Downtown Mobile, AL Bienville Square

Come join the fun and help us celebrate #LWV100 ! Bring the family and your friends. We step off at 9 a.m. and end at Mardi Gras Park for the festivities including food trucks, entertainment and fun!

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VOTE411 is the League's on-line, non-partisan Voter Guide and will be available at the end of September, 2020 for the November 3rd general election.  When you type in your address, you can access all the races and proposals on your ballot, check your voting registration and polling place and read the candidates' responses to questions posed by the League.  Check back in September!


LWV of Pennsylvania and LWV of Greater Pittsburgh File Motion to Intervene in Voter Purge Case 

The Michigan Presidential Primary is Tuesday, March 10. Polls are open 7am - 8pm.

Presidential primary candidates' information is available on


The National League invited eligible candidates in Presidential Primaries to put their information on Vote411, with some limitations:

1. The candidate must have made a public announcement of her/his intention to run for her/his Party's nomination for President; and,


The League of Women Voters of the Copper Country supports the following goals: 1. Provide consistency of practices in all local voting jurisdictions including a. training of poll workers, especially instruction in requirements for assisting people with disabilities b. payment of poll workers c. maintaining political balance (major political parties) of poll workers and d. provision of privacy for voters 2. Promote ability of all local voting jurisdictions to access state Qualified Voter Lists electronically. 3. Encourage local clerks to provide absent voter ballots automatically for every election to people with disabilities, senior citizens, and other eligible voters who request continuing service. 4. Increase voter information and education for all elections to all areas of the Copper Country.
Event Date: 
Aug 26 2020 (All day)
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100th Anniversary of Ratification of the 19th Amendment, Granting Women in America the VOTE!


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