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Not too late for Census 2020

CENSUS 2020 - It is not too late to be counted!

CENSUS 2020 - It is not too late to be counted! Call 844-330-2020 now for all localities.
This census helps determine how federal funding is distributed to states, localities, and households across the nation.
Ann Vollrath, City of Houghton Clerk, learned from the local Census representative that residents can still respond to the Census if they have not done so by calling a toll-free number: 844-330-2020.
P.S. The Census response rate for the City of Houghton is currently 69.5%.

August 4, 2020 voting options

August 4, 2020 voting options

You can register up to and including August 4th!  Also, if mailing in your absentee vote, do it as soon as possible.  There may be mail delays, so it is recommended you mail by July 21st or drop it off at the clerk's office.

Voting in Michigan's state primary election Aug. 4 will be done safely and securely. Here's a guide.



August 4, 2020 primary

Michigan Voters - Don't split your vote this August 4th

Michigan Voters - Don't split your vote this August 4th

Checking registration, absentee ballot information

Absentee ballots have mailed - did you get yours? Do you want to Vote Absentee? Check status?

Go to, enter your name/birth/etc. to verify you are registered to vote, fill out an absentee ballot application and see the status of the absentee ballot application.


Check if registered, apply for absentee ballot, check status

Copper Country

The Democratic U.S. House, District 1 debate with Dana Ferguson and Linda Odell was held May 2 by the Alpena County Democratic Party. The debate lasts about 90 minutes and, unfortunately, omits most of Dana's opening statement due to a technical glitch.

Michigan House of Representatives 110th District Primary Candidate Interviews

LWVCC conducted video interviews with the three Democratic candidates who will face off in the August 4 primary for the 110th district seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. One of these candidates will run against incumbent Rep. Greg Markkanen in November. The interviews range from 12 to 17 minutes long, with responses to seven questions on different topics.

Note: The reminders at the end of the interviews should have said that signing up for the permanent absentee voter list means your local clerk will mail an APPLICATION for an absentee ballot to you before each election. You still need to submit the application each time to receive the BALLOT by mail, which you can now do online. You do not have to be added to the permanent absentee voter list. However, either way, you need to apply before each election to receive a ballot in the mail. Even if you apply to vote by mail, you can change your mind and vote in person.

Lawrence Dale interview password 5h=1b53U

Janet Metsa interview password 6y#^P=n!

Casey VerBerkmoes interview password 1n?I%rdz

Houghton County Sheriff Primary Candidate Interviews

LWVCC also conducted primary candidate interviews with the two Republican candidates for Houghton County sheriff. There are no Democratic candidates. The candidates responded to four questions, and the interviews are 12-13 minutes each.

Brian McLean interview password 5D+%#78B

Steve Laux interview password 2q+K#v5g

August 4, 2020 Primary Note: Dem. and Rep. candidates are on the same ballot. Only vote for ONE party. Voting for both will invalidate the ballot and it will not be counted. Candidates in uncontested primary races will also be invited to provide background information and respond to general questions on later in July. There are also countywide and local proposals.

"Petticoat Patriots: How Michigan Women Won the Vote" Exhibit

You can now enjoy a virtual tour of the exhibit "Petticoat Patriots: How Michigan Women Won the Vote" and the opening reception held March 5, 2020 at the Carnegie Museum. Read the panel text (pdf).

riseUP grew as a collaborative organization of groups and individuals to create a community-wide, year-long, multi-faceted celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment and women’s right to vote. To learn more, you can go to their Facebook page or their website

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Event Date: 
Aug 4 2020 - 6:00pm

Board meeting will be held using Zoom. 

Join Zoom Meeting by using this link and passcode.

Event Date: 
Sep 22 2020 (All day)
Event Date: 
Sep 15 2020 (All day)